Radio interview about BAMOS project

Ricardo Donate, a researcher from ULPGC involved in BAMOS, attended the morning program of Radio Agüimes (La Mirilla, which covers local news on the island of Gran Canaria) to comment on the main achievements of BAMOS project. You can check the interview (in spanish) at the following link:


Contratación de personal para el proyecto PIZAM

  impreso 08 bis oferta de trabajodocx PIZAM page 0001


Contratación de personal para el proyecto BAMOS

  publicidad propuesta de contrato laboral BAMOS 2021 page 0001






Autumn Webinar BAMOS 2020

Successful Webinar organized by BAMOS project. More than 40 people attended the 2-day event (15th-16th October 2020). Thanks to all the speakers and participants from Europe and China.


Workshop on Innovative Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering/Regenerative Medicine from Marine Resources

The past 18th of December, a workshop for discussing future applications of biomaterials from marine sources in the medical field took place in the facilities of PLOCAN (Gran Canaria, Spain). BAMOS co-organized this event.