The BAMOS project is structured in 9 work packages. WP1 is focused on issues such as market appraisal, exploitation and IP rights. WPs 2, 3, 4 and 5 are corresponding to research activities whereby the main topic is osteochondral scaffold design and development, supported by new biopolymers and coatings as well as manufacturing and design process. WP3 and WP4 supply scaffolds to WP5 for Osteochondral scaffold efficacy evaluation. WP6 is a key WP because it supports the other activities in terms of training, providing skills for researching in new methods for improving the efficiency of the collaborative research. WP7 is proposed for disseminating and communicating the objectives and findings of the project among the research and industry community as well as general public. WP8 manages the coordination of activities, being the exchanges management and training a key task. Finally, the WP9 is related to ethical issues. The interaction between WPs is shown in the figure.




The success of the implementation of the work-packages and the exchange program is based on improving the knowledge transfer as well as the technical and scientific skills of those participants, especially for early stage researchers, who are less familiarized with novel knowledge, procedures and equipment.