XJTUXi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU)

XJTU is a key university which is directly administered by the Chinese Education Ministry and is one of the oldest current institutions of higher education in China. XJTU has a current enrolment of 32,200 full-time students, including over 15,744 masters and doctoral candidates. Research in science and technology at XJTU is directed primarily at meeting the nation's most important needs, forging into international frontiers, contributing to autonomous creation and accelerate industrial application. To this end, XJTU is continually strengthening its capacity to innovate while seeking to raise its level of competitiveness. The School of Mechanical Engineering of XJTU has the State Key Laboratory for Manufacturing System Engineering. The lab covers the following four major research directions: advanced manufacturing theory and technology, manufacturing informationization and manufacturing system engineering, equipment manufacturing and integration, and management and decision making of advanced manufacturing system. These directions involve the cutting edge research, multiple disciplines and technology integration.